Wednesday, 18 April 2007

Japanese Organic Restaurant Minako, San Francisco

While we were driving through Indiana, Nebraska and Wyoming, DA and I would talk to each other about good restaurants, that are in short supply in these areas. According to DA, there was a lack of "lesbians running a nice restaurant" in the heartlands. So when we finally left the culinary Neanderthalers and made it to San Francisco, DA took me to organic Japanese restaurant Minako, at 2154 Mission @ 17th. Some of the other guests looked as if they only ever eat in organic Japanese restaurants, which I guess is too much of a good thing. The menu was very confusing: with some of the items it was totally unclear what you would get, and other items didn't have a price. When I asked how much a certain dish would be, the waitress said "it depends on today's fish". My next question was obvious, her reply wasn't: "I don't know what today's fish is." I didn't want to confuse her, or myself, more, so I went for one of the few dishes for which a) it was clear what I would get; and b) I knew how much I had to pay. The meal was yummie, and I felt good that our raw, dead fishes had been raised organically. The service was as if they had guests over instead of running a restaurant, and friendly. Minako is highly recommended, especially if you have just returned from a trip eating burgers, fries and gawk Applebee meals in Middle-America.

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