Friday, 27 April 2007

Blue, black

Last day at work - pack my bags - surprisingly little to take home - bye, bye work - home 2:30pm - go to April bar for happy hour - hot sunny so go on bike - so many guys out and about - meet SO - he is from Congo he is so black he looks blue - (you know what I mean) - funny guy - we talk and talk - MA, CH, FR and OS are also there - summer night city feeling - remember Olivia Newton John? - happy hour - beer and drinks - SO talks and talks also about MT his boyfriend - who is also nice - 9:30pm - enough beer - the sky is the limit - SO also on bike and lives in my direction - bike together - bye, bye SO - home - fortunately leftover food from yesterday - eat, eat - and MA told me I am gaining weight - he has a sharp eye - watch TV - our crown prince celebrates his 40th birthday today - documentary - tired - should sleep - was a good day.

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