Wednesday, 26 November 2008

A visit in transit

I had dinner with ED in Thai restaurant Chao Phraya. The lucky bastard is going to a conference on Aruba, and he decided to take the Seoul - Amsterdam - Aruba flights on KLM and spend a night in Amsterdam. I have known ED for at least 15 years and we have previously met in Amsterdam (where we first met in Exit disco), Paris (where ED lived in the early 90's), Washington DC (where he lived in the late 90's), we took a trip together in 1996 to Florida and a mini-cruise to the Bahamas, Seoul (where he currently lives) and Singapore (where he visited me in 2006).
It was nice to see him again. ED is a spoilt bitch (his parents are very rich) but the good thing is that I can tell him in his face that he is a spoilt bitch and he will agree with me. This time he was telling me stories about his latest 3 boyfriends and from the second sentence in each story I knew there was not going to be a happy ending.
ED was also the first one to ever fuck me which he also remembered and reminded me of. Are you still friends with your first fuck? Hehe

Monday, 24 November 2008

Addicted to sex and total abstinence

The weekend was good. On Friday I had the usual drinks with the gang and was happy to see the Taiwanese muscle boys after quite a while. Better, BR forgot his sweater in the bar and he called me to collect it, so now I have an excuse to visit him. Had a nice talk with NK about his (potential) new job, and about his sex life. He is amazing: meeting at least 5 and often more new guys every week. He told me he had a date some day last week at 1am, and then again at 330am the same night, and this on a weekday so he had to get up at 8 or so to go to work. Even sometimes when he is in the bar he looks very tired and he also tells us he is tired but he will still go to the sauna for sex. We all think he is attracted to the "wrong" types, but hey, nothing wrong with that, as long as he likes them. I am not going to judge NK but can't help to think that his sex addiction is a symptom of some psychological issue.
On Saturday had a family dinner in the North, the occasion being the 15th anniversary of my dad's passing. FL made a DVD with some old movies of my mom and dad visiting the grandchildren, and it was strange to see my dad and listen to him talk on TV. Because of the bad weather I slept over at my mom's and stepdad's house which had been a long time. Of course they gave me a huge breakfast on Sunday morning which will take 2 months of exercise to get rid of.
On Sunday I went to see Dutch comedian Herman Finkers in Carré theatre with MI and his friends AD and MN. The show was quite funny, although he mixes his humour with serious messages now (understandable as he is sick) so it wasn't non-stop laughing. During dinner we got to speak about MI's sex life and it is still non-existent. MI doesn't like gay bars, he doesn't want to date just for sex, so he is (and has been) waiting for his dream man for the last 15 years or so. I wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't had sex in 5 years or longer. He is totally out to his family and friends and at work, so he is not hiding that he is gay - he is just not interested in casual sex. A total opposite of sex-addicted NK. After having talked with NK and MI, I think I am happy to be at neither extreme.......

Sunday, 16 November 2008

A guy I feel sorry for....

I was browsing through some gay dating profiles and chanced upon this one: (emphasis mine)
"I am just another closet gay, living a secret life beneath the fake facade. Have no openly gay friends and till today have no intension or guts to own up to the fact that he is just another gay. One thing for sure is as my life span get shorter, my idealistic dream of having a normal gay life diminish. So plse, till tis point, if you even bother to read tis profile, NO face pix or meet up with me. With the realistic part out of the way, I can get on to my fantasy world.
Why do I even want to be in tis site than? Well, realistically I don't meet up but in today's advance technology, I do cam and have my own kind of kinky fun in a small way.
No experience in gay life but learned from the web. I know what I like and what I dislike.
1. Men with great body (who don't) but again I can appreciate other body types too cos the world is not perfect and neither am I.
2. Cock of all shape and sizes.
3. Kinky but safe fun.
4. Into undies, boxers, cock rings and shaving.
5. Listening and sharing. Quiet by nature but when I open up, I tend to talk a lot.
6. People who accept me as myself, as I try to accommodate you and your lifestyle too."
According to his profile, the guy is 42. Sad.

Saturday, 15 November 2008

Inferiority complex

It was another drunken night in Soho yesterday. For some reason they stayed open late, and I was shocked to see it was almost 5am when I got home. There was a guy I vaguely recognized so I walked over and we talked for a while. RL is one of those Asian guys that believe it is necessary to stress that they have a good job and are financially independent. Which is all good of course but the assumption is that all white guys think that every Asian is poor and looking for a sugar daddy. What nonsense. RL is a nice guy but him assuming that I think he is a money-boy is just ridiculous. Does this feeling come from an inferiority complex? I was getting tired with RL so I went over to HI, a Japanese guy who I had met earlier. As we both live at the East side of Amsterdam I cycled home with him, and, decent as I am, said goodbye with a little kiss at his doorstep. A good night that was worth the slight headache this morning....

Thursday, 13 November 2008

Alpha men

On November 11th , seventy four male top executives signed their names to a full page advertisement in a Dutch financial newspaper. The ad is a call for more women to be appointed to boardroom positions in Dutch businesses, specifically in the distressed financial institutions. This summons by men makes mention of the fact that women in both executive and non-executive positions contribute to the balanced view in boardrooms and have a positive influence on the culture and the management of organisations. The summons is intended to ensure that women are included in the new boards that will run the financial sector companies. The underlying reasoning is that the current crisis calls for "the best teams we have" and that these teams should be comprised of both men and women.
Throughout my career I have wondered what is driving the typical "alpha men", who are competing in the meeting rooms for power, money and influence. I have attended many hours of useless meetings where a group of men basically tried to prove that their prick is bigger than the other guys'. So I fully support the call for more women in top executive positions. I believe that mixed male/female boardrooms will produce much better decisions, and may have prevented the current economic meltdown. I like the Norwegian law which makes it compulsory for boards to have at least 40% female members.
Now the big question is: what about the gays? Most likely the tops are like the alpha men, and the bottoms are with the wiser females. Hehe

At the traffic light (2)

I am cycling home and waiting for the traffic light, next to me is an older lady. A cute, young man crosses the street in front of us, he looks at me, and before I know it the words "lekker ding" (Dutch slang normally used when you see someone who you find (sexually) attractive) slip out of my mouth. The lady looks at me, laughs and comments "yes, he is indeed handsome".

Monday, 10 November 2008

Blogger or Facebook

I don't blog as much as I used to. The reason is that I have become an active member of Facebook. I had been a "sleeping member" of Facebook for a while, but since several good friends have created profiles as well, I check in to see what's new several times per day. I must admit that some people post too many boring messages on Facebook (such as in the status updates "XX is having a coffee" or "YY is going to bed"), but on the other hand I like to have access to friends' photo albums, their whereabouts and activities. It is a very good way to remain close to friends who are far away. The disadvantage of Facebook is that it is not anonymous, so I will continue to use blogger for some stories.........
In other news:
- the "all gays are paedophiles" guy is coming to the office tomorrow. I'll make the coffee extra hot and strong.
- CH introduced a new guy to the gang last night. AL is half (American) black/half (British) white so we call him "our little Obama". He is smart, cute and friendly, and I hope he'll like us enough to join our gang.

Sunday, 9 November 2008

We are not immortal

Yesterday I said my last good-byes to MJ. She was one of my classmates from high school and I guess a member of our "gang" during those days in 1973 - 1979. A month ago, I (and all other gang members) received an e-mail in which she wrote: "Attached are scans of some papers from our high school days. I have been producing a lot of waste paper recently, because soon I will be going back to where I came from, and I can't take the papers with me." In a follow-up e-mail she told us that she had been diagnosed with a malign tumor, and it was too late for treatment and she'd be leaving this world soon. I was not particularly close to MJ, but I remember her as a very clever girl with a great sense of humour.
Seven members of our high school gang showed up for the cremation ceremony yesterday. It was good to be together and share our loss and share stories about MJ. And as JC said, this was not only saying goodbye to a dear friend, but also a realization that our generation is not immortal.

Friday, 7 November 2008

Finally, a Prince (King) for me

Many of my Asian friends are always looking to marry a prince - (we all know Asians are interested in the $$ hehe) - and Europe having so many royal families I was often jealous of them. So I was delighted when I read the news about Prince Jigme Khesar Namgyel Wangchuck of Bhutan being crowned a King yesterday. The Prince is well-educated, handsome and single! He is 28 years old so if I stick to the old truth "any decent looking guy above 30 who is not married is gay" I need to wait 2 years before I can make advances.....
By the way, the Netherlands doesn't have any cute, single Princes. Most of them are mediocre looking - the best looking is Prince Maurits (pictured below) who is happily married with 3 children.

Thursday, 6 November 2008

Garçon stupide

It was gay movie night again and our gang just routinely went without even checking the movie. A big mistake as yesterday's movie, Garçon stupide (Stupid boy, a Swiss-French co-production) was very boring.
This French language film tells the story of 18 year old Loic, who works by day in a chocolate factory, and by night cruises the internet for sex with men. His life is a series of anonymous sexual encounters until he meets one man who appears to be interested in him for himself, and not just his body. Loic's journey to self awareness is told through a series of episodic events, such as the suicide of his best friend, his growing infatuation with a local team's soccer star, a car accident and subsequent hospitalisation which uncomfortably reunites him with his parents. At the end of the film he realizes that he can be his own person and he recites a list of things he will never do in order to fit in and belong.
Many people left the cinema during the movie, and just before the end I heard some snoring behind me. What a waste of time.

Wednesday, 5 November 2008

Sunday, 2 November 2008

A good weekend

It is Sunday evening and I just came home from a visit to my youngest niece who celebrated her 14th birthday. Most of the family was there - always good catching up. The weekend started Friday after work with a visit to KE which whom I shared a few beers and joints. I think I still suffered from jet lag as I was so tired that evening. Yesterday was the "Religion is fun" party hosted by DV and DAA which also doubled as a surprise birthday party for DV's boyfriend CH. I didn't have much inspiration for the costume so I was glad that WI called and suggested we go as orthodox Jews. The party was fun, I got to know some new people and remember talking to a young straight Irish guy who was curious about gay sex.