Sunday, 16 November 2008

A guy I feel sorry for....

I was browsing through some gay dating profiles and chanced upon this one: (emphasis mine)
"I am just another closet gay, living a secret life beneath the fake facade. Have no openly gay friends and till today have no intension or guts to own up to the fact that he is just another gay. One thing for sure is as my life span get shorter, my idealistic dream of having a normal gay life diminish. So plse, till tis point, if you even bother to read tis profile, NO face pix or meet up with me. With the realistic part out of the way, I can get on to my fantasy world.
Why do I even want to be in tis site than? Well, realistically I don't meet up but in today's advance technology, I do cam and have my own kind of kinky fun in a small way.
No experience in gay life but learned from the web. I know what I like and what I dislike.
1. Men with great body (who don't) but again I can appreciate other body types too cos the world is not perfect and neither am I.
2. Cock of all shape and sizes.
3. Kinky but safe fun.
4. Into undies, boxers, cock rings and shaving.
5. Listening and sharing. Quiet by nature but when I open up, I tend to talk a lot.
6. People who accept me as myself, as I try to accommodate you and your lifestyle too."
According to his profile, the guy is 42. Sad.

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