Sunday, 9 November 2008

We are not immortal

Yesterday I said my last good-byes to MJ. She was one of my classmates from high school and I guess a member of our "gang" during those days in 1973 - 1979. A month ago, I (and all other gang members) received an e-mail in which she wrote: "Attached are scans of some papers from our high school days. I have been producing a lot of waste paper recently, because soon I will be going back to where I came from, and I can't take the papers with me." In a follow-up e-mail she told us that she had been diagnosed with a malign tumor, and it was too late for treatment and she'd be leaving this world soon. I was not particularly close to MJ, but I remember her as a very clever girl with a great sense of humour.
Seven members of our high school gang showed up for the cremation ceremony yesterday. It was good to be together and share our loss and share stories about MJ. And as JC said, this was not only saying goodbye to a dear friend, but also a realization that our generation is not immortal.

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