Thursday, 13 November 2008

At the traffic light (2)

I am cycling home and waiting for the traffic light, next to me is an older lady. A cute, young man crosses the street in front of us, he looks at me, and before I know it the words "lekker ding" (Dutch slang normally used when you see someone who you find (sexually) attractive) slip out of my mouth. The lady looks at me, laughs and comments "yes, he is indeed handsome".


C K said...

Aw, come on... the words 'slipped' out of your mouth? :p

Anyway, I was surfing around for blogs of Singaporeans in foreign lands and stumbled upon yours.

I was thinking of setting up a link exchange for Singaporeans overseas. Was wondering whether you'll be interested in doing a link exchange?

Hopefully, it'll drive more readers to both our blogs. Also, it would be great getting to know more Singaporeans based overseas.

Would appreciate if you would just let me know by leaving a comment on any one of my posts.

I know that it can be a tad irritating getting a comment like that. Please feel free to delete it if deemed inappropriate.


happyamsguy said...

Thanks for your comment. One little problem: I am not Singaporean! I lived there in 2005-6 but decided not to go for the passport. ;-)

El visitador\'s adventures said...

But you left your heart in Singapore.