Monday, 30 August 2010

A free performance in Chinese Restaurant New King, Amsterdam

Act 1: Customer at table next to us complains about cold food, waiter offers to heat up food. Customer refuses claiming "we have waited long enough". Customer tells waiter "we go and will pay drinks only". Waiter insists that customer pays for drinks and food. Waiter and customer quarrel for 10 minutes.
Act 2: Angry customer walks away. Waiter (160cm) tries to physically stop customer (190cm) from leaving. Angrier customer shouts he is being assaulted by waiter and forces his way out of the restaurant. Waiter #2 calls police.
Act 3: Five minutes of peace and quiet during which we enjoy our (hot) food.
Act 4: Customer, waiter return to the crime scene accompanied by a police officer. Both parties tell their stories to police officer. Officer decides customer needs to pay, customer refuses, officer tells customer to come to police station.
Act 5: Customer and police officer leave. Applause from public.

Monday, 23 August 2010

A new experience: lab.oratory in Berlin

I spent last weekend in one of my favourite cities: Berlin. The city is constantly changing and there is always something new to discover. Also, my friend FE lives there and it was nice to catch up with him. On Thursday, we went to a nice gay neighbourhood bar for chatting and drinking, and I was introduced to FE's friend JO.
On Friday, FE called around dinner time and informed me that JO wanted to go to "another bar" which was a "bit further away", and I should dress "not too queeny". I didn't ask more questions, but when I arrived at FE's place he was wearing a Spanish police uniform. A little later JO arrived dressed very casually in shorts, Tshirt and sport shoes, so I thought my jeans and Tshirt would be just fine. We took a taxi which took us to the former East Berlin, behind a railway station in an industrial area to an old abandoned factory. We queued for a while, paid the 6 euro entrance fee, and then we were all given a plastic bag to put our clothes and valuables in. Nobody had told me and fortunately there was no dress code that evening so my jeans/Tshirt were fine, but when we got in 50% of the guys were in underwear, 10% totally naked (included JO), 30% in leather/rubber/uniform and another 10% in normal clothes. Slowly I began to remember RE's stories of his orgies in Berlin, and yes, this was the same place called lab.oratory. A relatively small bar area surrounded by quite large play rooms everywhere (I wouldn't call them dark rooms as they were quite brightly lit), a garden and more play areas in another smaller building in the garden. Most guys were in their 30s/40s/50s, with some in their 20s and a small group of 60+. And sex everywhere. Everywhere. If there is a Sodom and Gomorrah, it's current location is Berlin. I thought I had seen it all in Amsterdam, but compared to Lab.oratory the bars in my home town are mellow, calm, clean and dull.
Oh - My - God. Imagine: guys kissing and feeling up everywhere. Dozens of guys in doggie position waiting for whoever wants to fuck them. Fist fucking. Double fist fucking. They have 5 urinals in the toilet but when I wanted to take a leak there were guys kneeling at every urinal waiting for a hot drink. Then I went to a cubicle and the first looked like it had just been vacated by someone who was either 1) very sick; or 2) likes scat. Finally in the 2nd cubicle I could urinate in private. I escaped to the garden where for a little while I thought I could escape the smell of sex, but soon two masters appeared with two slaves on leashes, and within a minute the bottoms were sucking and two minutes later the tops were fucking and taking turns with the holes and mouths of the slaves. Right from the hole of slave #1 into the mouth of slave #2. And most (if not all) of the sex I saw (and it was A LOT) was unsafe.
I tried to find FE and JO after 2 hours but they had disappeared in the huge play areas. Enough is enough, I thought and took a taxi to my hotel.
I was actually quite disgusted with what I had seen. And not horny at all, on the contrary. It's official: I am a prude.

Friday, 13 August 2010

Only in the Netherlands - part X

Everything needs to be *arranged* in this country - so now in Rotterdam they have put signs in a park indicating the area where gays may cruise and have sex....... "This is to make it clear to everybody where men may have sex in public, and to prevent that those who do not wish to come into contact with such activities enter the area" Sigh......

Wednesday, 11 August 2010

The leather boat

Cockring is (temporarily?) closed but here is the leather boat

Monday, 9 August 2010

Proud of my city

My friend sgboy01 in Singapore recently did a post in which he expressed his love for his home town. In a way, I think that everybody loves his home town because you know every street and corner, the majority of your friends and family are there, and the DNA of the town is inside you as its inhabitant.
This weekend was Gay Pride weekend in Amsterdam and once again, I was full of fuzzy feelings for the city. The atmosphere was fantastic, even the non-stop rain during the Canal Parade did not deter people from partying, smiling, being nice and friendly, and having a great time. Many politicians, artists, TV personalities and other well-known characters, straight and gay, sailed in the parade to express their solidarity. I also realized that Amsterdam is one of the few cities in the world where one can kiss his friends in public without even thinking about it - even last week in Cologne during the gay games I saw many of the city's inhabitants staring and looking strangely when we kissed friends on the street.
Fortunately, the weather was much better on Sunday and we had a great closing party with old and new friends. What a GREAT weekend!

Monday, 2 August 2010

Incestuous Singapore

So friend#1 posts on Facebook that he is looking for a lawyer to help him with a legal problem and if anyone knows one, please tell... So I write to friend#2 who is a lawyer currently out of work and he says "fine you may give my contact details". Friend#1 communicates with friend#2 (I am copied on the messages) and it all seems very business-like until I get a message from friend#2 "you don't know, do you, that friend#1 is my ex's ex and we are not really on talking terms...."
I didn't know, but should have as in Singapore everybody is his ex's ex in either the 1st, 2nd or 3rd degree......