Monday, 30 August 2010

A free performance in Chinese Restaurant New King, Amsterdam

Act 1: Customer at table next to us complains about cold food, waiter offers to heat up food. Customer refuses claiming "we have waited long enough". Customer tells waiter "we go and will pay drinks only". Waiter insists that customer pays for drinks and food. Waiter and customer quarrel for 10 minutes.
Act 2: Angry customer walks away. Waiter (160cm) tries to physically stop customer (190cm) from leaving. Angrier customer shouts he is being assaulted by waiter and forces his way out of the restaurant. Waiter #2 calls police.
Act 3: Five minutes of peace and quiet during which we enjoy our (hot) food.
Act 4: Customer, waiter return to the crime scene accompanied by a police officer. Both parties tell their stories to police officer. Officer decides customer needs to pay, customer refuses, officer tells customer to come to police station.
Act 5: Customer and police officer leave. Applause from public.

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