Monday, 9 August 2010

Proud of my city

My friend sgboy01 in Singapore recently did a post in which he expressed his love for his home town. In a way, I think that everybody loves his home town because you know every street and corner, the majority of your friends and family are there, and the DNA of the town is inside you as its inhabitant.
This weekend was Gay Pride weekend in Amsterdam and once again, I was full of fuzzy feelings for the city. The atmosphere was fantastic, even the non-stop rain during the Canal Parade did not deter people from partying, smiling, being nice and friendly, and having a great time. Many politicians, artists, TV personalities and other well-known characters, straight and gay, sailed in the parade to express their solidarity. I also realized that Amsterdam is one of the few cities in the world where one can kiss his friends in public without even thinking about it - even last week in Cologne during the gay games I saw many of the city's inhabitants staring and looking strangely when we kissed friends on the street.
Fortunately, the weather was much better on Sunday and we had a great closing party with old and new friends. What a GREAT weekend!

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sgboy said...

can we have the picture of the cock ring boat please!