Monday, 24 November 2008

Addicted to sex and total abstinence

The weekend was good. On Friday I had the usual drinks with the gang and was happy to see the Taiwanese muscle boys after quite a while. Better, BR forgot his sweater in the bar and he called me to collect it, so now I have an excuse to visit him. Had a nice talk with NK about his (potential) new job, and about his sex life. He is amazing: meeting at least 5 and often more new guys every week. He told me he had a date some day last week at 1am, and then again at 330am the same night, and this on a weekday so he had to get up at 8 or so to go to work. Even sometimes when he is in the bar he looks very tired and he also tells us he is tired but he will still go to the sauna for sex. We all think he is attracted to the "wrong" types, but hey, nothing wrong with that, as long as he likes them. I am not going to judge NK but can't help to think that his sex addiction is a symptom of some psychological issue.
On Saturday had a family dinner in the North, the occasion being the 15th anniversary of my dad's passing. FL made a DVD with some old movies of my mom and dad visiting the grandchildren, and it was strange to see my dad and listen to him talk on TV. Because of the bad weather I slept over at my mom's and stepdad's house which had been a long time. Of course they gave me a huge breakfast on Sunday morning which will take 2 months of exercise to get rid of.
On Sunday I went to see Dutch comedian Herman Finkers in Carré theatre with MI and his friends AD and MN. The show was quite funny, although he mixes his humour with serious messages now (understandable as he is sick) so it wasn't non-stop laughing. During dinner we got to speak about MI's sex life and it is still non-existent. MI doesn't like gay bars, he doesn't want to date just for sex, so he is (and has been) waiting for his dream man for the last 15 years or so. I wouldn't be surprised if he hadn't had sex in 5 years or longer. He is totally out to his family and friends and at work, so he is not hiding that he is gay - he is just not interested in casual sex. A total opposite of sex-addicted NK. After having talked with NK and MI, I think I am happy to be at neither extreme.......

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