Thursday, 6 November 2008

Garçon stupide

It was gay movie night again and our gang just routinely went without even checking the movie. A big mistake as yesterday's movie, Garçon stupide (Stupid boy, a Swiss-French co-production) was very boring.
This French language film tells the story of 18 year old Loic, who works by day in a chocolate factory, and by night cruises the internet for sex with men. His life is a series of anonymous sexual encounters until he meets one man who appears to be interested in him for himself, and not just his body. Loic's journey to self awareness is told through a series of episodic events, such as the suicide of his best friend, his growing infatuation with a local team's soccer star, a car accident and subsequent hospitalisation which uncomfortably reunites him with his parents. At the end of the film he realizes that he can be his own person and he recites a list of things he will never do in order to fit in and belong.
Many people left the cinema during the movie, and just before the end I heard some snoring behind me. What a waste of time.

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