Saturday, 28 April 2007

Ho-Pin Tung

This is Ho-Pin Tung. I watched an interview with him on Dutch TV this morning. He is Dutch-Chinese who is making his marks in the GP2 (the last stage before Formula 1) racing circuit. An interesting guy; he was born and raised in the Netherlands and is now trying to conquer the Chinese market which of course is much more promising in terms of the $$. He is currently racing for China and was part of the China team that defeated the Netherlands in a recent race in Sydney. So we educate and feed him for 24 years, and then he joins the enemy and defeats us? Ho-Pin, you can come and say sorry tonight in April bar. Hehe

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sgboy said...

At this rate Singapore will soon be knocking on his door. A little red passport will be offered and in return he can race for us and do Singapore proud. I wonder how much is the "import" fee these days.