Thursday, 26 April 2007

Hot and dry

The normal temperature for the Netherlands in late April is 13C. For the last couple of days, it has been 27C. Yesterday I visited my mom and her friend and we spent the whole day in their garden. They expect the good weather to last at least until mid next week, so Queen's Day (Monday) is likely to be one big street summer festival. It really feels like summer and people behave accordingly, ie. no work is done and every excuse is valid to take leave, go and have drinks, have fun and party. Last night GO and WI texted to invite everyone for drinks, but I was still in the car driving back from mom so I had a good reason not to extend my drinking sessions to a Wednesday......
In other news, I signed the "voluntary resignation" from my company today, which means that in exchange for 2 years of salary they got rid of me. Everybody happy.

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Colin said...

Well done... Sjoerd! Wish we can toast with some nice warm beer! :)