Sunday, 25 February 2007

A weekend with weed

On Friday evening I felt like going out. Most of my friends are traveling, but I managed to find one to have a drink with, so we (KE and I) agreed to meet in April. Another friend of KE (A New Zealander whose name I always forget) also joined. Now you must know that KE always brings some pot to the bars, so we shared a few joints. The beer also flowed as if there was no tomorrow. Around midnight KE told me his dog was home alone, and had not been out all day, and I offered to join him to walk the dog. So I found myself sitting on a park bench at 1am sharing another joint (which we bought at coffeeshop Stix (picture)) with KE and playing with his dog..........

I raced home on my bicycle a bit later, thinking about more important things and writing poetry in my head.

The next morning I woke up early as OS was making noises in the shower. I felt OK and decided to make it an early day. Which turned out to be a bad decision: the energy level quickly dropped and in the end I didn't do much more than read the newspapers, do some grocery shopping, prepare dinner and watch TV. A lazy, lazy Saturday.

Today I finally watched Babel. (just before it is going to win some Oscars tonight)
Babel, through a series of misunderstandings, interweaves the unfortunate circumstances of a Moroccan, an American, a Mexican and a Japanese family. A Moroccan family acquires a rifle to protect their goats. An American woman, on a bus tour with her husband, is accidentally shot, which is in turn grossly exaggerated by the press who are quick to label the incident as a "terrorist attack". The same couple's children accompany their long-time caretaker to Mexico to attend her son's wedding, and upon re-entering the United States face problems. A Japanese widower confronts difficulties in communicating with his deaf teenage daughter whom simply craves human contact. A great movie by Mexican director Alejandro González Iñárritu. The scenes from Morocco reminded me of my hiking trip there in 1995, of which I have fond memories. We climbed Mount Toubkal (4165m), the highest mountain in North Africa. Anyway, the movie entertained and looked very real, and deserves to win an Oscar.

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