Thursday, 15 February 2007


I had lunch with AL today (my friend who had appendicitis and needed 3 operations to get better). We were eating our eggs in the company canteen when I spotted TO. I used to work with TO who is a funny and clever guy. At one point he ended up with a shitty job and a wife and a bunch of kids, so for the rest of his life he may be stuck at the company if he doesn't take action soon. Also, looking around I saw so many "grijze muizen" (literally: grey mice, a Dutch expression for boring men in suits with no life), that I decided that I need to leave the company soon. Only if they offer me a fantastic, interesting and challenging job before the end of April I will stay.

So yes, I decided to spice up my life a little bit by taking DA up on his offer to drive from East Coast to West Coast USA roughly following Interstate 80. In early April we will take some 7 days to do this trip. DA has relatives in Salt Lake City and I am already excited to visit states like Wyoming, Indiana and Nebraska. This is fly-over country that normal tourists would not often visit. I will also throw in a visit to my relatives in Canada as well as a weekend in San Francisco.

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