Monday, 12 February 2007

Travel plans

...or rather: no travel plans yet. I am kind of in between jobs and don't want to make plans until I know more about my future.

But these are some of the places I want to visit this year: (in no particular order)

1. Singapore. For very obvious reasons.

2. Calgary, Canada. I have older relatives there and I feel like visiting them.

3. Chitchen Itza, Mexico. My father passed away (heart attack) in 1993 while on holiday there. My brother called and asked if I want to join him and his daughter to visit.

4. London. To visit AA, MAR and PE.

5. USA. Road trip to San Francisco with DA.

6. Barcelona. SA and EL are going in August and asked me to join.

7. New York. Plans to visit in May/June with MA and JE.

Probably too much to do it all. Unless I just quit my job, get the golden handshake and start travelling. Decisions, decisions........

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