Tuesday, 27 February 2007

Love at second sight

As I posted earlier in one of my "Is this going too far?" posts, Dutch TV is currently running a dating show for people with a visible handicap. Tonight was the first episode of "Love at second sight" in which the 8 candidates (shown on this picture) were introduced.

I must say the show was done with a certain style, and I was impressed with the positive attitude that all of the candidates showed. They are full of life, trying to make the best of it, and are longing for a life partner.

One of the candidates reminded me of a (French - Cambodian) guy with a handicap who I dated long ago. He had one lame arm, but all other parts of his body functioned very well hehe. I visited him in Paris and he wouldn't allow me to help him prepare dinner, or clean up after dinner. He did everything with one arm only, and I felt awkward not helping him, but he just wouldn't let me. I didn't mind at all about his handicap, reason we stopped dating was that he only spoke French and Cambodian, and as my French is only about 60% our conversations were not up to the standard that I wanted.

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