Wednesday, 21 February 2007

Restaurant La Strada, Amsterdam

I had dinner tonight with MI, and we decided to go to one of our favourite restaurants "La Strada" which used to be gay-owned and run, and used to have wonderful vegetarian and other "alternative" dishes and great, friendly service. The older waiter who has been there forever always called us "boys" and would put a hand on your shoulder while taking orders.

Horror of horrors, when we arrived we found out that the restaurant has been sold while keeping the same name. It is now a very mediocre steak house. The sole waiter was friendly enough, but the quality of the food won't bring us back any time soon.

I have known MI since 1990 or such. We met at a discussion group of the COC (the Dutch gay organization). These groups were meant to give people the opportunity to discuss all kinds of issues related to coming out, being gay, etc., but of course in practice were dating opportunities. MI and I share the same kind of jokes and we never have a problem finding topics to talk about. MI doesn't like gay bars and doesn't do Internet dating, which results in him always falling in love with the wrong guys such as heterosexual colleagues at work............

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