Friday, 16 February 2007

Things changing in China!

China’s gays call for same sex marriage

During a busy lunch hour on Valentine’s Day in Beijing’s central business district, six lesbians and gays handed out 200 red carnations wrapped in leaflets calling for the acceptance of gay love and marriage.

“We're doing it now because there are now so many lesbians ready to come out and to stand up for their rights,” she said. “When we started organising this we had no trouble at all finding people. In fact we had trouble finding boys.” Only one gay man helped hand out flowers.

Hehe. As long as the boys can fuck and suck, they are happy.

Now I wonder: when will Singapore gays be brave enough to fight for their rights? After all, anal and oral sex between men is still illegal in Singapore. Can I hope to see the first demonstrations against the highly discrimatory Singapore laws soon?

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