Saturday, 24 February 2007

Travelling queens

What would the travel industry be without homosexuals on the road and in the air? Just was thinking about my friends currently (or soon) on the road:

MA, JE, RO, HE, WI, GO and KA are all in Cambodia at this moment after a trip through other parts of SE Asia;
AL is in Kuching going back to Singapore tomorrow;
AF just arrived in Perth;
AN is in Malaysia with his mum;
AR is visiting his family in Indonesia;
HU just arrived back in Singapore from New York, well he is a trolly dolly so doesn't count hehe;
KE just back from Singapore in Amsterdam;
CH and FR are in Singapore as we speak;
AA was in Asia, now in London and coming to Amsterdam soon;
MI is going to France for winter sports soon.

We should get a huge discount for keeping the world economy afloat!

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