Sunday, 4 February 2007

A sunny weekend

A quiet yet productive weekend. I had a slight flu so was not very active.

On Saturday, the weather was so nice that I couldn't resist jumping on my bicycle and go to the city. As so often on a Saturday, I had a coffee at SU's place. It was good to catch up after quite a while.

In the evening I was wise and decided not to go out. Instead, watched "Blast from the past" a very average movie. Brandon Fraser is Adam Weber, the child of an eccentric inventor and his wife. Following a bomb scare in the 1960s that locked the Webers in their bomb shelter for 35 years, Adam Weber must venture out into Los Angeles and obtain food and supplies for his family, and a non-mutant wife for himself. He meets Eve (Alicia Silverstone), who reluctantly agrees to help him out.

On Sunday, the day was spent creating space for the Singapore stuff that will arrive on Wednesday. It is amazing how much trash a two person household can collect over the years. For instance, I found out today that we have 53 towels........the oldest and dirtiest ones were thrown away! I also managed to select my dorkiest (hi ER) clothes which will be given to some charity soon. If someone here travels to Africa soon and sees the locals wearing un-fashionable 80's and 90's clothes, it means my leftovers have reached their destination.

At 6pm I made my way to April for the happy hour. To my surprise DAZ (the gay daddy, see an earlier post) was there. Still scouting for men and he didn't lose his appetite after fathering a child hehe. Also talked with WLM who is in a similar situation as I am: he lost his job, got a nice sum of money from his employer, and has decided to become a free lance consultant. Good to exchange notes.

Dinner at Thai Restaurant Bangkok was nice. Ate too much and have to be very careful or I will be seriously fat soon.

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