Monday, 19 February 2007

Apple pie weekend

So what did I do during the weekend?

On Saturday, bought two nice slices of apple pie to bring to SU and have my usual Saturday noon coffee at his place.

The weather was so nice and Spring is in the air. It is amazing how everybody in Amsterdam is in a good mood as soon as the sun comes out this time of the year. Big smiles and happy faces to be seen. Walked around and did some shopping myself.

In the evening I met with SA and EL in April. Lots of SA's Thai friends were there as well. I had planned to go home early, but just as I was finishing my last beer (at least that was the plan), GO and TH appeared. I have known GO for many years, he is such a fun and good-looking guy, of course all I can do is dream about him...... TH I have just met on New Year's Eve, he is a friend of a friend, blond 23 years old, and very, very cute. We get along very well so more drooling from my part haha. Long story short: they convinced me to come along to Exit, and 7 or 8 beers and 4 hours later I was home to wake up on


with a headache, and just in time to make my way to my brother's house to celebrate a couple of birthdays in their family. More (home made) apple pie, yummie.

In the evening went to the East West party in Cockring. More talking with DAZ, BA , SA and EL. It struck me how many older white guys there were sitting all alone by themselves. I didn't get sex either, but at least I have a few good friends to talk to!

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