Saturday, 17 February 2007

McDonalds and Cuckoo's nest

A colleague suggested to have lunch at McDonalds yesterday (see picture for the branch we went to) and suddenly we all got very excited. Even colleagues who normally never join for lunch decided to participate in the fun. So there we were with a group of office workers in between the teenagers who normally populate the big M. So funny that 3 colleagues mentioned "I can never mention this to my wife". What kind of marriage is that?

In the evening I went to Cuckoo's Nest which is a sleazy bar in Amsterdam. There were a few guys interested in me but they were not my type. And the ones that I liked didn't want me. Fortunately I ran into DAS who I hadn't seen in ages. I had a short fling with him in 1998 (?) and ever since we have been bumping into each other in the bars. Good to talk with him and hear that everything is ok. After DAS left I decided to not waste more time in Cuckoo's Nest and help myself at home. Haha. A wise decision.

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