Tuesday, 6 February 2007

A sparkling personality

I had an interview with a lady and a guy from an executive search firm today. I had the feeling it all went well and we had a pleasant discussion for more than an hour. When we were almost done, the lady said: "When you walked in, I had the feeling you were a very bland and grey person. I was happy to discover that in reality you are a very sparkling personality." Needless to say that she made my day. (I am so easy to please!)
In other news, Time Magazine reports on some hugely important scientific research that proves that 8% of all male sheep are gay. The article is well written and is worth reading:

Finally, SI from HK called to tell me he has accepted a new job that sounds fantastic. And in even better news, a previous lover from way back when (1999-2000) re-established contact with SI and it looks like they are going to be back together again. And as if this isn't enough good news, he won a flat-screen TV in a lucky draw last week! You go girl, 2007 is gonna be a fantastic year!

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