Saturday, 10 February 2007

Feeling young again - hehe

I was planning to stay home and be a couch potato last night (remember - I am old), until SA called and asked if I'd want to have a beer with him in April bar. I hadn't seen SA since March last year when we both were in Bangkok at the same time (he lives in the South of the Netherlands so he is not often in Amsterdam) so it was a nice reason to get on my feet.

I was early and this is what happened after I walked into April bar:

1. A cute guy with a goatee and beautiful eyes looks at me and keeps staring at me while I order my beer. He looks Middle eastern and not very friendly, so I decide to ignore him. For the rest of the evening he keeps staring at me.

2. I go to the toilet and when I leave I almost bump into a white guy. He smiles, and when he leaves the toilet a little bit later he smiles again, stops close to where I am sitting, looks, hesitates to say something, and decides to proceed.

3. A muscular Chinese guy looks and smiles at me and I look back and smile. Too bad he is with four white guys but we continue to exchange looks during the evening.

4. A young, slim very cute guy (mixed race, darker skin) walks in and we exchange smiles. He looks around the bar and within a minute he is back to the place where I am sitting:
He: Hi, how are you?
Me: Fine thanks, and you?
He: OK
Me: Are you looking for someone? (meaning: you were walking around just now, so are you waiting for a friend?)
He: No, I am going out. (obviously interpreting my question as: shall we fuck tonight?)
And he leaves......

At that time SA walks in and I am feeling so young again!

Good to catch up with SA. He and his partner have been together for more than 22 years and they were one of the first same-sex couples who got married.

We proceed to Soho bar, have a few more beers, and when I am home around 3am I go to bed a happy man.

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