Sunday, 9 December 2007

Useful work

One of my bosses is often in the office early, and when I arrive he is cleaning dishes in our office kitchen. We talked last week how we like to do such visibly useful and immediately rewarding work - I also don't mind at all doing the dishes. When one's normal job is to organize, manage, etc., which is (hopefully) useful as well, but much more indirect, the direct results of activities like dish washing are a nice change. I even find these kind of activities very relaxing. So today I was clearing leaves from the garden for a few hours which made me feel tired - but very relaxed at the same time.
Yesterday I was playing cards with my card-playing gang: since 1985 and still going strong. It is fun to notice that the two guys with children live in a totally different world as RE and myself: they know different artists, watch different TV programs and know different games and books, all because of the children. Gay guys need to be careful or they'll find themselves disconnected from modern society!

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