Monday, 3 December 2007

Taking care of the poor and the sick

I already knew that this country is taking good care of the poor and the sick - my tax bill is the annual witness!
But now with OS being sick I am confronted with how good the care actually is:
1) all of OS' hospital bills and doctors' bills are fully paid by his health insurance
2) during his time in hospital (and until he is fit enough to work again) he receives a government sickness benefit of 250 euro per week (of course being in hospital he didn't spend a dime so this is pure savings)
3) he needs to go to hospital on a daily basis for the radio therapy. Someone told me the insurance company will pay for the transport costs - I called today and they said yes, we will pay for the taxi costs! OS would have been happy with reimbursement of a bus ticket, but taxi is much better of course....
Well, it is still much better to be healthy, but at least now I know where my tax euros are going.

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Anonymous said...

In that case, demand that the taxi be a Mercedes Benz. Oops, forgot. They are all Mercedes Benzes.
I am glad to read that Oscar is back home.

DA in SF