Monday, 17 December 2007

Money matters

Several money matters in the news today:
1) Dutch are in top 3 of richest in the EU. The purchasing power of the Dutch is 31 percent higher than the EU average, European statistics bureau Eurostat reported on Monday. Quite surprising.
2) I finally found a good argument to convince my boss that I need more salary. I'll just tell him that I could easily make more elsewhere. I am sure he will give me a big raise immediately. After all, if Singapore's leaders can get away with such nonsense, why wouldn't I? "But if I were outside, I can earn more than this. I am confident I can earn more than S$3 million." The audacity....
3) Got a blue envelope today in the mail. (the Dutch tax service sends it's bad news in blue envelopes) I lived in the Netherlands for 8 days in 2006 so they want money. Fortunately my employer made a mistake in my deductions so now I get quite a nice sum back from the tax man. With interest!

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