Monday, 24 December 2007

Artificial insemination

Yesterday DAZ and his son YU came for dinner. YU is now 17 months old which is a nice age for children so I had lots of fun playing with him. DAZ had lots of news to tell: he found a new boyfriend and he decided to father another child with the other half of the lesbian couple that he has YU with. (so both lesbians will have a child and the children will be biological half-siblings.) The process of the artificial insemination is rather unromantic: the women are in the bedroom, one with legs spread, while DAZ produces the sperm in the bathroom and deposits it in a specially prepared container. Only, this time DAZ had problems producing the sperm because he had just spent lots of quality time with his new boyfriend. In the end, he only produced a little drop and the lesbians were complaining why it took him so long to give them so little. But end good, all good, because the girl is pregnant!
Saturday night I went to a pre-Christmas party at DA and RM's house. About 50 people on 60 square meters so it was not difficult to meet new friends. At one point someone put a gay porn DVD on and I found myself explaining the technique of oral sex to some girls.
It was great winter weather this weekend and I took some pictures.

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