Thursday, 27 December 2007

Battling serious crime in Singapore

I haven't seen this story reported in the Singapore media yet, so here we go: A Singapore national serviceman who sashayed into a lift early one morning wearing only a pink bikini has been handed a day's jail and a S$11,000 fine by a court in the city-state, a newspaper said on Tuesday. Tan Wen Zhong, 21, admitted to five charges, including "outraging the modesty" of the woman who shared the lift with him and "fraudulent possession of women's underwear". Possession of women's underwear is a crime? And what is "fraudulent possession"? I would love to read the law that makes it a crime! Or did he steal the underwear? Then why don't they say so? Or is borrowing from your sister also called "fraudulent possession"? Anyway, it is good to know that the Singapore security forces are keeping the island safe.

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aGent X said...

Oh yes....possessing a pink bikini is indeed a very serious crime back home...hahah
That justifies why the civil servants need to have huge increase - to come out with laws like that