Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Restaurant Me Naam Naan, Amsterdam

It had been a while since I met up with MI so we decided to do dinner. Thai food just like last time, a new restaurant for me and just so-so quality of food. MI had good stories about his work trip to India and he also told me he has been going on two blind dates (set up by friends) recently. One of the guys was nice, but, in MI's words, "too much handbag" (meaning too feminine) and the other date was "just a disaster". I remembered the only (surprise) blind date I have ever been on, now some 15 years ago. I had been invited for dinner by (straight) friends, and another guy turned up and we soon felt that the hosts wanted us to meet. They disappeared into the kitchen telling us "you just get to know each other better" so it was all kind of obvious. The guy was nice enough to talk to, but no sparks flew and the hosts were very disappointed we didn't immediately fall in love as "we would make such a nice couple". We just laughed it off and thanked the couple for their good intentions. Anyway, MI still would like to meet someone nice so if you are interested just let me know!

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