Thursday, 6 December 2007

Celebrating Sinterklaas with the gang

Yesterday I celebrated Sinterklaas with the gang. RO and REM took the initiative for the celebration, made sure we all got a name of one person to buy a gift for, and RO made a very tasty erwtensoep. Sinterklaas was very nice for me and gave me a modern large picture frame with many pictures of myself and other members of the gang. And the poem was sweet and nice too, which isn't really the idea as the tradition is to be blunt and critical in the Sinterklaas poems.
I was chatting with sgboy not too long ago about "gangs" (groups of friends to regularly hang out with) and I am lucky to have this gang since many years. Our gang has about 10 core members; including non-core members and (temporary) boyfriends the gang is between 20 and 30 guys. The youngest core member is 39 and the oldest 49 but lately two much younger guys in their 20's joined our gang. I don't know why they like to hang out with guys twice their age, but it is good to have some fresh blood in our gang.
Back to yesterday's celebration: it was not surprising that almost all poems had a sexual content and MA was even instructed in his poem to kneel and put tit clamps on. Revenge from SI (I mean Sinterklaas) on behalf of all of the gang, as MA normally likes to greet us by pinching our nipples real hard.

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