Monday, 10 December 2007

A 17 year old football star with dreamy eyes

I woke up a few times last night (which doesn't happen very often) and finally fell into a deep sleep around 4 AM. And this was my dream:
I am walking to work. The road follows a stream in green pasture land, and in the distance I see a very small village consisting of nice villas; my office is in one of the villas. As I am getting closer to the village, I see a group of teenagers playing football. "Sir, Sir", I hear, "would you like to play with us?" I answer that I can't, after all I am going to work and am not dressed to play football. One of the boys runs to me, and says that he would like me to join them. "No, I really can not", I say and continue my way to work. The boy follows me and takes my hand. I notice he has beautiful dreamy eyes. The way he looks at me makes me feel weak. As we enter the village a policeman stops us and asks the boy how old he is. He is 17 and I think to myself "fortunately he is already 17". We start kissing and kissing and kissing....until I wake up.
Strange. Normally I don't like (too) young boys, so what is my dream trying to tell me?

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Anonymous said...

Naw, you just don't want to go to work.

DA in SF