Thursday, 27 December 2007

A lunch-time fuck

Sgboy recently reported that he had 20,000 visitors to his blog this year. Right now, my score is only 7,440 visitors, the difference caused of course by sgboy's frequent sex stories. (sex sells) I know I am late to catch up, it being December 27, but let's try to get some visitors with a sex story.
Some guy messaged me on yesterday telling me he is in Amsterdam until early January and would I like to meet. His pictures looked nice enough so I sent him a message "ok when do you have time" and he said "only Thursday between 11am and 3pm". Well, I needed to work today so I replied "sorry I work on Thursday" and he asked "where do you work". Turns out he stays 3 minutes from my office, his boyfriend is out for a couple of hours today, so before I knew it I had a lunch-hour fuck date. We met up outside the Febo at Stadionplein (left on picture, in the background is Amsterdam's 1928 Olympic Stadium), he looked nice (slim, goatee, and at 26 quite presentable), so we walked to his apartment where we had a chat and he gave me a coffee. He was a bit shy which I liked so after a while I moved closer and asked whether he wanted something else. Suddenly he was no longer shy and we moved to the bedroom, kissed, undressed and did a long 69. He was a bit nervous as he wasn't quite sure when his boyfriend would return, which made me nervous too (after all, I don't know the boyfriend who may be crazy and may have an ax hidden in the kitchen), but anyway we continued sucking as if there was no end to the lunch hour. After a while he started fingering me and made it clear what else he wanted. He rubbered up and 3 seconds after he got in (I was still getting in position) he came. He apologized for cumming so quickly but was nice enough to help me finish. As far as I can remember this was my first lunch hour fuck date in Amsterdam. Gives new energy for work in the afternoon!

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Anonymous said...

Sorry I am late reading this story.

Ah! You know, there is no way you can compete with sex-crazy Asian guys. Have a great 2008

DA in SF