Friday, 7 December 2007

SMS only 15 years old!

I read a very interesting article in, my daily newspaper, today about the history of texting also known as SMS messaging. Turns out the first ever text message was only sent 15 years ago, in December 1992! O my god, I was already in my thirties when text messaging was invented......Now, on average I believe I am sending 2 or 3 SMS messages per day; when I lived in Singapore I sent many more, but here in the Netherlands people call more often and text less. Maybe because it is easier to call when on a bicycle and more convenient to text when on the MRT.
Often I wonder if 25 years from now there will be as many new inventions in our daily lifes as I have experienced in the last 25 years: mobile phones, SMS, computers, MSN, e-mail, ATM cards, contactless chip cards, GPS,......

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