Monday, 4 June 2007

Tennis: the good and the bad

The final 8 of Roland Garros are known and fortunately Rafael Nadal is still in after beating Lleyton Hewitt. In other tennis news, RE and I are planning to play regularly and I asked GO to be our personal trainer. GO is the boyfriend of WI and one of the cutest guys I know; so he would be an excellent stereotypical tennis trainer!
Unfortunately, GO has serious knee injuries (from playing too much tennis!) so he is currently not available. Anyway, I can't play as I am about to lose a toe nail. The last time I played tennis with AN in Singapore my toe bumped in my tennis shoe, it went black very soon and now it looks all ugly and it is painful. I think the nail will fall off soon. Maybe I should go to the doctor tomorrow to have it checked before it gets infected and my leg has to be amputated.

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