Friday, 1 June 2007

Bloody Asians

We all know that the Chinese are buying all the iron ore, charcoal and bauxite in the world, but look at the news today:
"The price of milk is rising extremely fast because of great demand in Asia for powdered milk. Friesland Foods, the Netherlands' largest dairy cooperative, increased the advance price of milk offered to farmers by EUR 1.28 per 100 kilos of milk on Friday. The relatively rapid increase will boost dairy prices in the Dutch supermarkets. "The price of powdered milk has doubled over the past year," says a spokesperson for Friesland Foods."
Bloody Asians. Even my daily milk is getting more expensive.

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Anonymous said...

Yeah, yeah, yeah. Don't give yourself too much credit. Sooner or later all Asians will be tired of Dutch "milk." At least I am....hahaha

DA in SF