Monday, 18 June 2007


I had dinner with DAZ last night and also went with him to the Asian Dance Party. All we did was talk, talk and talk (to each other, mostly me listening to DAZ). I think DAZ needs a partner / boyfriend, so let me try to help him with some matchmaking. DAZ is a gay man in his early 40's, Chinese, lives in Central Netherlands, speaks perfect Dutch and reasonable English, nice looking, round face, good body, good job, nice apartment, is co-parenting a cute young son with two lesbian mothers, likes swimming, traveling, culture, and is good in bed (my experience is from 10 years ago). He likes Caucasian and Asian men, 30-50 years, tall, not fat, not too slim, just your average guy. So if you are interested just post a reply here and I'll take care that DAZ gets the message.
They had a very cute blond muscular Dutch stripper at the Asian Dance Party. Normally, they have these East European guys who look totally not interested in what they are doing and seem very arrogant. But yesterday's boy 1) was gay; 2) brought his equally cute boyfriend along (Mediterranean type); 3) interacted with the public in a funny way ("you have to help me to get it hard"); and 4) started his show in a kinky rubber outfit. In the end, he got it hard and proudly displayed his 11 inches. Lots of screams in the audience.

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