Monday, 25 June 2007

Brokeback Mountain, Lapland Owl and Singaporeans

It was a good weekend. I watched Brokeback Mountain for the second time (it was on TV) and it was as good or even better as the first time. It struck me there are some similarities between my life and Jack's and Ennis' life: Jack needs to drive 14 hours from Texas to Wyoming to see Ennis, which is about the same travel time it takes me to be able to hug my loved one. On Sunday, I took the Colombians to Avifauna, a bird park in Alphen aan den Rijn, a town about 45 minutes drive from Amsterdam. There are lots of colourful Asian, African and Latin American birds, but I like the Lapland Owl most. So distinguished. In the evening I was invited to WI's birthday party. WI and his partner GO run a bed and breakfast and they always invite their guests when they have a party. So late in the evening WI introduced me to two Singaporean guests who are staying at their place, IA, a 28 year old gay guy and his 32 year old fag hag sister SY. They are travelling with their parents around Europe. (the parents were already in bed) We all chatted for a few hours which was very nice. We exchanged contact details and today IA texted if I was game for a drink at April. I texted MA who invited another tourist currently in Amsterdam, NU from Bangkok, and we all had a swell time. I must not make it a habit to go out too often on a weekday.

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Colin said...

I wish I knew how to quit you, Stewie!