Monday, 18 June 2007

Singapore 14th most expensive city, Amsterdam 25th

According to expatriate consulting firm Mercer, Singapore is the world's 14th most expensive city to live in. In the same list, Amsterdam takes the 25th position. Housing has become very expensive in Singapore as a result of all the Indonesian, Malaysian and other money-launderers and criminals buying luxurious real estate in the Lion City. (my analysis, not Mercer's hehe) Alcohol and cigarettes are also extremely expensive in Singapore. Food in supermarkets costs about the same in Singapore as in Amsterdam; food in local restaurants is much cheaper in Singapore, food in international restaurants about the same in both cities. Cars more expensive in Singapore, and taxis much cheaper there which doesn't seem to make sense. Oh, and a good nice joint costs 4 euro in Amsterdam; in Singapore I'd pay with my life.


Colin said...

Nah.. not so dramatic. Only 20 years. And no caning because of your age. :)

happyamsguy said...

Really? No caning? After what age does that stop?