Thursday, 7 June 2007


Every first Wednesday of the month is gay movie night at Pathe De Munt cinema and yesterday they showed American movie Circuit. Very little information is available on the Internet about this movie and rightfully so. A forgetable story: "After moving from a small town in Illinois to West Hollywood, California, John experiences a downward spiral into the sex and drug-fueled world of the gay circuit party scene." Lots of hot bodies but all of them so fake and not attractive at all. It is not that I don't have such a body that I have never been a circuit boy, it is because I don't like those bodies. Hehe.
Before the movie I had drinks and dinner with MA, JE, OS and JY. JY is just back from his home country the Philippines after spending two months there. He had lots of stories about the local guys he met (many of them) and at one point MA asked: "do they like you because you live in a rich country?" I found the question a bit rude as JY is cute, hard muscular body and 28 years young, but JY answered seriously and said yes, he thinks a lot of the guys were interested in meeting him because he has money. It is a sad world that money is so important but maybe when you have some that's easy to say. We had dinner in Restaurant P.King. The place used to be a typical Chinese restaurant called Peking and the family who owned it recently sold it to a Dutch guy who modernized the place, changed the menu to pan-Asian and the waiters to Dutchies and re-named it P.King. A nice place and we will be back. The movie was not in the usual Munt theatre but in Tuschinski, Amsterdam's oldest and most traditional cinema. (picture)

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