Tuesday, 9 January 2007

What I like about being back in Amsterdam

- to re connect with my friends as if I have never been away
- good newspapers with real news and discussion
- to be openly gay in the office
- to be able to smoke pot
- to go everywhere on my bicycle
- the smell of good bread
- decent choice of cheeses in the shops
- even more Asian men in the bars than when I left
- the Italian sandwich shop close to work with the best sandwiches in the world
- cool nights without a need for air conditioning
- the canals in downtown Amsterdam
- to look forward to weekends to London, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona and Rome
- some of my colleagues who are actually very nice people
- an employer who pays me a lot of money for doing nothing (well, for the time being)


The Mexican said...

Hi SJ!

Well, I will be one more of your readers,if you don't mind.

I share the feelings about some of the things you miss from Singapore. Specially the taxi part, the weather (although it is not bad at all in my home town), and of course i miss how safe Singapore is. Again, eventhough here it is not as bad as some newspapers say, it is no way close to what Singapore has in that matter.
I miss the food, and friends like you and AN.
Anyways, we'll be in touch. It is possible I will travel to Europe this year (Italy and Germany, maybe) but I am not sure. And of course, you know "cuando quieras venir a México aquí tienes tu casa". saludos amigo.

happyamsguy said...

Gracias! Let me know if and when you are coming to Europe because it would be nice to meet.
No place is perfect and it is possible to be happy (almost) everywhere.
Un abrazo