Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Dr Bobby's money machine

I just came home after seeing my doctor. While in Singapore, I was treated by a cardiologist (Dr Bobby) for high blood pressure and high cholestorol. He gave me two pills to take every day, and so far I have religiously followed Dr Bobby's instructions. By the way, I spent over Sing$ 2,500 on Dr Bobby's analysis and pills. Well, to be honest, the insurance company paid that amount.

Now my doctor here says that I can immediately stop with the blood pressure pills, and he is sending me to a laboratory to have my blood taken again to see if the cholestorol readings have improved.
He also mentioned that the type of cholestorol pills I have been taking are not the best available.
So it looks like Dr Bobby runs a little money printing operation there in Singapore. Of course, he may be proven right if I die within the next two weeks........

I never knew that my doctor here is gay until OS mentioned it to me recently. He asked me if I am having "homosexual contacts" and upon my affirmative answer he told me to get tested for Hepatitus B which apparently is a problem amongst gays in Amsterdam now.

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