Sunday, 7 January 2007

The weekend

Friday met up with my friend JE. Our meetings are kind of predictable: some beers, talk about our lifes for a while, talk about international politics (he is an even bigger news junkie than I), smoke some pot, long and slow sex with a few breaks. All at his friend's place where he always stays when he is in Amsterdam. I think we smoked one too many as we couldn't finish the sex in the preferred way.

Saturday I continued cleaning the house. I am a Cancerian so I find it difficult to throw away stuff which is now becoming a problem after living in this house for 13 years. The trash man is my best friend this month and another 5 large plastic bags were given to him. The house should be clean before Christmas.
GO, MA and RO all texted if I was coming to April (gay bar) tonight. It is GO's birthday and all the usual suspects were there. Drank too much, chatted with my friends and some new people. Why do straight couples go to gay bars and why are they so curious about how we do "it"? Ended the evening in Exit where RO hung around his new friend who is too young, too small and too prostitute.

Sunday was spent on dismantling the Christmas decorations that OS had put everywhere in the house. A very rainy miserable day anyway so it was good to do something useful indoors.

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