Friday, 19 January 2007

The Schnitzel Paradise

I watched a Dutch movie "The Schnitzel Paradise" yesterday.

The movie is mainly set in the kitchen of Restaurant "The Blue Vulture".

A second generation Dutch - Moroccan boy called Nordip works in the restaurant as a dishwasher. The kitchen there is a micro-cosmos of the Dutch multicultural society, with Nordip trying to make sense of it all but especially the cute waitress Agnes, who will one day inherit the restaurant.

"The Blue Vulture" is a intentionally badly-disguised reference to the chain of "Van der Valk" restaurants in the Netherlands. (valk in Dutch = falcon) Van der Valk is what Americans would call a "diner" or family restaurant, in other words a restaurant for the masses. Large portions and bad quality. Sophisticated people like me would never go to such a place, haha.

It is an OK movie with some funny moments.

Mounir Valentyn is good as Nordip, and Bracha van Doesburgh plays his girl friend Agnes well. However, there is too much Romeo and Juliet towards the end of the movie.

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