Monday, 15 January 2007

Dutch and Singapore politics

I found myself defending the PAP on Saturday night. Yeah, really and I was surprised myself. I was in April and after a few beers I was discussing politics (we must be the only ones ever to discuss politics in a gay bar) with RO and a guy whose name I always forget. (let's call him XX) We were talking about our stupid Minister for Integration Ms. Rita Verdonk when I mentioned that there is one thing that we could learn from Singapore and that is the management of relations between the different races. As if he had been bitten by a snake XX started a rant against Singapore and that is the most unreal, fake, boring place that he has ever been to and it doesn't have character, culture etc., etc., etc. Turns out he has been there only once 10 years ago. I politely disagreed and gave him some examples where Singapore is not so bad. Anyway, you can't argue with the converted so XX insisted that Singapore is the worst place on earth and he will never visit again. His loss.

I had enough of politics and fortunately CU was also in April. He is such a happy guy, always smiling and joking, and cute, too. He is Singaporean living in Amsterdam and I saw him in Singapore a year ago. Unfortunately (haha), he is very faithful to his boyfriend who told me that they are going to get married soon. Congratulations guys!

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