Monday, 29 January 2007

Female colleagues

I just got home and feel tired. Did I work so hard today? Nope, I chatted most of the day with three female colleagues.

For some reason I always get along well with my female colleagues. We chat a lot about life in general, they come to seek advice and I also value their comments and advice. I also find that our attitude towards work is very similar, and at the same time different from the attitude of most of my male (straight) colleagues. Straight men are often full of bullshit and they spend more time on political games and their "position in the company" instead of just getting the job done. If I would ever start my own business I would only recruit women and gay men.

Today, first I chatted for two hours with IR mostly about which restaurants we like in Amsterdam. IR is a beautiful young woman who can handle the horny straight colleagues very well, but I think she still likes chatting to me as she is always very relaxed. She gave me some names of new restaurants that have opened in Amsterdam and I will certainly check them out as she has good taste.

After lunch AR came to my office with her dilemma: she has been offered two jobs and can't choose. We chatted for a long time and I hope I could give her some pointers to make her decision making process easier. She has also lived for a short time in Singapore so it was also good to share some thoughts about living there.

And finally GE visited me. We shared a room 5 years ago and have always kept in touch. Which pays off now as she approached me to do some high-profile work for higher management.

Now that I think of it, my first job back in 1986 I worked in a department with only female colleagues. After I left I hear hell broke lose. Hehe.

In other news I was pleasantly surprised to receive a bonus letter today. As our department has been closed I didn't expect anything, but my boss worked hard to convince senior management to give us something. It is less than last year, but when you don't expect anything any bonus is .....a bonus! Thanks boss.

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