Friday, 12 January 2007


For those who were wondering: my new car is a Peugeot 407. I like the design of French cars (had 3 Renaults since 1995) and so far (touch wood) they were reliable with little problems. Picked up my car this morning and it is a metallic dark blue one.

Had lunch with my colleague and friend AL. I almost did not recognize him as he had lost 15 kgs in the last 4 months. But not for good reasons as he suffered acute appendicites in September. He had stomach pain one evening, terrible stomach pain during the night, and went to the hospital the next morning. Three hours later he was on the operating table. Fortunately, after 4 operations he has recovered but the surgeon told him it was close. So to all: if you have extraordinary stomach pains don't wait and go to a doctor immediately. The scary thing is that AL did a long trip on the Trans-Siberia Express through Russia, Mongolia and China a few months earlier. So he was lucky to be home in Amsterdam when the appendicitis happened.

Just did my "gym" on the indoor bicycle in my bedroom. So far, since being back in Amsterdam I have had the discipline to exercise 4 or 5 times a week. Have to keep weight below 90 kg. Dr Bobby told me so!

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sgboy said...

4 Operations and 15 kg weight lost for appendicits? Mine was taken out too so I know what your friend went thru I can still remember the pain something I don't want to go thru again.

Can anyone think of another way to lose 15 kg??