Thursday, 25 January 2007

Is this going too far? (2)

Some low-class TV station here is planning a dating show for ugly people. Read this:

The Netherlands, the country that has pioneered reality shows like "Big Brother," is planning a new first -- a dating program for the visibly disfigured. The broadcaster SBS 6 is seeking candidates for its "Love at Second Sight" show due to be launched on February 20.

"Do you have a visible serious handicap and are you looking for a partner?" says an appeal on its Web site. "The program is a platform for people with such problems to share experiences and feelings in a positive way with the rest of the Netherlands and to show that they are absolutely not pitiful," the broadcaster said.

"The main aim of the program is to remove prejudice about these people, to create more acceptance and respect and, of course, to find the love of their lives."

But the majority of Dutch viewers are turned off by the show that was initially set to be called "Monster Love." A poll by the mass circulation De Telegraaf daily showed 85 percent do not like the idea, with only 9 percent in favour.

They interviewed some .....uhhh.... visually less attractive people in another TV program and reactions were mixed: some welcomed the idea and would participate in the dating show ("I want to show the entire nation that I am a wonderful person"), others were afraid such a program would stigmatize people with disfigurements.

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