Tuesday, 16 January 2007

Restaurant Le Zinc... et les autres, Amsterdam

MA and JE did their registered partnership on 15 December. Unfortunately, I was still in Singapore at that time so I invited them for dinner tonight to celebrate.

We went to Le Zinc... et les autres, a restaurant that I had never been to before but has received great reviews. http://www.lezinc.nl/index.jsp?ACTION=GOHOME&MIDINC=EN

We chose the "surprise menu". 4 courses.

Appetizer was pigeon and serrano ham. I really don't like pigeon but the ham was great. Next course was a Dutch fresh water fish which was OK, and the sauce and veggies accompanying the fish were great. The main course was veal with mushrooms which was really excellent, and the desert was creme brulee, white chocolate mousse and a pyramid of dark chocolat. Excellent. All in all a good meal and a great white wine to go with it.

It was a good evening and (I think) we all had a good time. We also decided to go to New York later this year.

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